In-house R&D and product development. Patent-pending products that accelerate the creativity of youths.

Tech Innovation Lab

Tech Innovation Lab

With a vision of accelerating the creativity of youths, the Tech Innovation Lab was created in 2016 to reduce the barriers of entry to 21st century tools. While most of our innovations are hush hush at the moment, here are some patent-pending innovations from the lab in the final stages of commercialization.



VIVIWARE™ Panel is a modular panel system which allows for simple and quick assembly and reconfiguration into furniture, toy or a tool. We are on a mission to empower anybody to be builders of better spaces to live, work and play in. Together with an ever-expanding library of accessories, VIVIWARE Panel’s possibilities are endless.


VIVIBOOM is an interactive educational platform developed by VIVITA Singapore to form a vibrant community of makers. 

It is a member-exclusive portal to facilitate the serendipitous exchange of ideas between VIVINAUTS. Through this portal, VIVINAUTS can be part of the community by uploading their DIY projects and earning badges while communicating with other VIVINAUTS or our crew members!  Through VIVIBOOM, we aim to empower our users and inspire them to be the owners and builders of the online VIVITA global community.

Our recent development work has been centered around VIVIBOOM 2.0, which is scheduled to be released in 2022. 

VIVIBOOM 2.0 is packed with a brand new UI and many new exciting features! Additionally, we are developing a mobile app for VIVIBOOM and incorporating IoT elements to land VIVIBOOM in our physical VIVISTOPS.



A truly versatile and modular electronics kit that can be easily combined with any off the shelf electronic kits to create robots, vehicles or random contraptions of any shape, size and function. It even comes with a web API module that allows hardware syncing to any online server using open source software! 🙂

Check out the inventions from youths age 9-15 using the VIVIWARE Cell from our international robotics competition – VIVITA Robocon 2019!


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