Serial entrepreneur, Interaction designer and Coder. Built interactive kitchen touch tables and Augmented Reality games for kids back when the iPad didn’t even have a camera!

Su Yuen Chin

Co-founder & Tech Tinkerer

Su Yuen is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for remote work and education technology. Her early projects include an interactive kitchen touch table and an Augmented Reality game way back in 2008 when the iPad didn’t even have a camera. One of her notable projects is Virtual Sandbox – Augmented Reality game for kids to build their dream interactive city while learning English vocabulary. The project went on to win the SiTF Awards 2010.

She is currently the co-founder of MomoCentral.com – an on-demand tech talent platform of human-interviewed and vetted developers and designers. MomoCentral’s clientele include YCombinator to Series C startups and Fortune 500 companies.

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