Tinkering Studio

Tinkering STUDIO

The Tinkering Studio is where the magic of Vivistop Kampong Eunos lies in! Here, you can find both crew members and Vivinauts working on a variety of different creative projects, supported by the tools and machines readily available here.

a creative space

With the goal of being a free-flow space, where children can take charge of their own creative journey, tools that can support a wide range of projects are readily available!

Sewing, 3D modelling, heatpressing, robotics — you name it!

The works of both the crew and children can be seen in every corner, to serve as inspiration for all who walk in.

a Dynamic space

On a typical weekend, the Tinkering Studio is a safe creative space for children to come for Tinker Times.

Outside of Tinker Time, we regularly host both internal and external workshops for schools, corporate partners and more!

Built up using viviware panels...

With different types of movable tables designed to accommodate varying seating and working styles, the Tinkering Studio is always looking different every time you step in! 


Can be connected to form circular tables to fit a group of 3-12 people


Suitable for both solo use and group work


Suitable for meetings



seating capacity

amenities AVAILABLE

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