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At Vivistop Kampong Eunos, every children and youth has the freedom to explore and choose what they learn. It is a place that they can turn their ideas to life with a community.

Housing a tinkering studio and fab lab with a range of creative equipment and tools, plus facilities such as a gallery, hackable spaces and more, it is a dynamic environment for nurturing creative confidence.

More importantly, it is home to a community of curious creators, united through the joy of making and a common aspiration to be active builder of our community and the world.

Membership at Vivistop is free – reflecting our commitment to inclusivity. We welcome all young people aged 9-16 regardless of their social and economic background to join our community.

Got More Questions?

For Newcomers and first-timers...

How can my child become a member?
  1. Sign up on our waiting list here.
  2. Once on the waiting list, look out for emails on our next public event for membership registration as well as the programmes ongoing at Vivita!
  3. Once they’ve signed up as a member, they are free to join us for future activities!
What are the qualifications for my child to become a member? Is there a fee?

There are no qualifications for a child to become part of our community!


Vivita is a not for profit organisation that believes in empowering children from all walks of life. As long as your child is aged 9-16 years old, they are welcome to join us!


In place of a fee, we believe in giving children the right to choose. It is important to us that your child really wants to join us! Hence, the trial session is to give them a taste of our activities to allow them to assess whether we’re a good fit for what they’d like to do, or explore with us. 🥳

Does VIVITA do classes? I want to sign my child up for a class.

Vivita does not do “classes.”


Instead, we are an organisation that believes and strives towards enabling children to be self-directed learners! In our space, children decide what they want to learn and how they want to learn. They get to choose the projects they want to work on, and the skill sets they wish to develop further. Through our different programmes and workshops that are open to members, they get to explore and pick up new skills.

Can my child drop in to Vivistop Kampong Eunos? We’d love to check out your facility and join your activities!

Vivistop Kampong Eunos does not accept drop ins or walk-ins.


In order to drop by to participate in our activities, your child has to first attend a trial session and be onboarded to become a member. Only thereafter, they’ll be able to participate in our activities/programmes by booking a slot!

For Existing Vivinauts...

I’m a new Vivinaut! Where should I begin?

Welcome to our corner of the world with #nolimits! We’re so excited for you to join us 🥳


Simply log onto to check out what activities might pique your interest, book a session and join us! During your session, you’ll get the chance to meet our friendly crew and make new friends with other members to kickstart your journey!

How do I know what programmes I can sign up for?

Our main mode of communication is through email - this is where we regularly share updates about the latest programmes and things you can book in to join. If you’re a member but are not receiving our emails, please drop us a DM to let us know your email.


Alternatively, follow our social media pages for timely updates — Instagram, Facebook


Otherwise, always log onto to check out the latest activities open for bookings!

What is Tinker Time?

Previously known as “Free Flow”, Tinker Time is a time where members can freely embark on any creative project or experimentation of their interest! Our crew with industrial expertise will be around for guidance if needed.


This is for...

  • - Those who are unsure of what to make - be inspired by our samples in the space or the projects that other members are working on. Alternatively, you can check out Viviboom, our online learning portal.
  • - Those who have an idea but unsure of where to begin - share your ideas with us, and together we can figure out which direction to explore first!
  • - Those who already have a project in mind - let us know what help you need, be it in terms of idea development or technical advice.
  • - Those who would like to run a programme with other members - speak to us!
What’s the difference between Tinker Time and Themed Tinker Time?

There are some days when we have tinker time with a theme: this is where we still get to work on any creative project, with themes specific to certain materials, machines or subject matter. (For example: Paper Mache, Tessellations)

On these days, you can expect crew with specific interest and / or expertise in these themes to be around to guide and tinker along the theme with you. However, if you’d like to work on your own project during this time, you are free to do so! The crew on duty however will give priority to those working on that day’s theme.

This is for...

  • Those who want to tinker and make along a specific theme and have a crew specifically there to guide them.
  • Those who are overwhelmed with possibilities during Tinker Time - starting from a guided theme might help to kickstart your exploration and give you a place to start figuring out what else you might like to explore!
My younger sibling is finally old enough to join! How can I sign them up?

Yay! I’m sure they’re excited to finally join in the action!

  1. Check out when our tinker time is happening/Vivistop is having activities.
  2. Email us at that your sibling will be tagging along/coming down themselves.
  3. Make sure your sibling comes down 10 minutes before the start of the session!
  4. We will onboard your sibling and set them up with a Viviboom account to make their own future bookings!

My friend wants to join Vivita too. What should I tell them?

You can refer them to this very page you’re on! Alternatively, you can tell them to:

  1. Sign up on our waiting list here.
  2. Once on the waiting list, look out for emails on our next public event for membership registration as well as the programmes ongoing at Vivita!.
  3. Once they’ve signed up as a member, they are free to join us for future activities!

I can’t log into my Viviboom account! Help please!

If you’ve forgotten the username you have registered with, please shoot us an email at with your/your child’s name, and we will help you reset your password as soon as we can!

For schools and teachers...

I want to bring my students to come down to your space for a learning journey. Can I do that?

Yes! Our creative learning facility at Vivistop Kampong Eunos is an inspiring venue that sparks creativity and inspires a sense of possibility in both children, youths and adults alike!


Come experience our maker space environment and culture. In order to find out more, please shoot us an email at so that we can find out more about what you’re looking for! We look forward to hosting you in our space 🙂

Can you run workshops for my students?

Yes! We work closely together with schools to curate a programme or a workshop series that caters to learners of different levels and interests, mostly at the upper primary and secondary school level.


If you are keen to find out more - simply fill up this form here, and we’ll love to get in touch with you to share more & explore possibilities of collaboration!

I want to set up a maker space in my school. Can you help with that?

We understand that seeding a maker space is not easy, and we understand the challenges of seeding one!


With our experience and expertise, we would love to collaborate with you to align your school’s makerspace initiative with your curriculum goals to foster interdisciplinary learning. Some of our services include, but are not limited to...

  • - Staff training
  • - Subject integration
  • - Spatial design

...and more!


Fill up this form here to find out more and we would love to arrange a meeting with you to better understand your needs. So let’s get started!

For everything else...

I want to rent your venue. Is that possible?

Yes, our venue is open for rental!


To find out more if our venue is a place that matches your needs, simply drop us an email at and we will follow up with the relevant details - including a site visit for you to assess the suitability of our space. 😉

I want to volunteer with your organisation. How can I do that?

Thank you for believing in our mission and wanting to empower more children together! To volunteer with us, fill up this form here and we will be in touch when there are opportunities!

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