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Hello, VIVITA Singapore will resume operations at a new location in 2023.
Please fill in this waiting list form to be notified of the new membership information.
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Let us answer your questions

Currently, VIVITA accepts children from 9 (Primary 3) to 15 years old!
If your child falls slightly short of this age group, do sign up for our mailing list nonetheless and we will reach out if we have programmes for younger children in the pipeline!
VIVITA is a not-for-profit social impact organisation, and membership and participation in our subsequent activities are entirely free!
We believe that education should be a right and not a privilege and in line with our main mission of empowering children from all walks of life, we strive to keep our activities varied and accessible.
In place of a fee, we believe in giving children the right to choose. It is important to us that they really want to join us. We will be seeking your child’s consent before having him/her as a member to empower your child to choose what they want to do at VIVITA.
Read more about our mission and philosophy here!
Unfortunately, our new space at Eunos is still under construction at the moment so our activities and trial sessions are also subject to space availability currently 🙁
However, fret not! We have an exciting line up of activities coming up soon – and all you need to do is remember to follow us on our social media pages and check your email for the latest notice on what is coming right up!
We thank you for your understanding during this period and we really hope to see you very soon!
If your child is already a member, keep a lookout for our emails and log onto VIVIBOOM occasionally to see what upcoming events we have in store for your children!


If you are new with us, welcome! Follow us on our social media pages (Instagram and Facebook) and turn on post notifications if you have yet to do so!
This will allow you to have the latest updates on any exciting happenings here at VIVITA Singapore! Lastly, remember to sign up for our mailing list too as that is where we share exciting events that we have lined up coming your way soon!
Thank you for showing interest in collaborating with us! Here at VIVITA Singapore, we love to collaborate with different communities and partners to support our operations while striving to provide fulfilling experiences to our members.
As such, we welcome like-minded organizations who are passionate about creating and working on cool ideas with children. We believe that we can make some magic together. Do write in to hello@vivita.sg and we will get back to you!
We are always open to accepting volunteers as we believe that together, we can create more impact! 🙂
If you would like to volunteer your time, a skill, or anything else you have in mind – do fill up this form and we will reach out with more information. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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