14 year old member Joshua Ong always had a passion in robotics. VIVITA provided him the resources, materials and expert mentorship to pursue his passion. VIVITA Robocon 2019 was his very first robotics competition and he won No.5 at the international level in Tokyo.

From Singapore to Tokyo

The team at VIVISTOP Orchard went up to Tokyo in October for ROBOCON (the first time the competition is opened up to all the different global stops!), and we brought one of our members Joshua with us to compete in the competition alongside our crew member Abel.

Throughout the competition, youths were constantly encouraging and cheering each other on and the air was filled with excitement for every contender. The spirit the competition embodied was that every win is celebrated, and failure is embraced as part of the process. Joshua came into a few difficulties during his run but he was able to strategise and think on the spot and he did so well, coming in 6th overall! (He even did a reflection with us after he was done and started to think about how he could improve on his design!)

Even though adults don’t get judged or earn points, they were still given the opportunity to compete and Abel came in and smashed the competition, with the fastest time in collecting the balls with his unique design, mimicking the fin ray of a fish. Everyone was so impressed with his simple but effective design.

The rest of the participants also had really coolest designs for their ROBOCON cars too — with a walking reindeer, a beat up tractor and even a candy machine! They learnt the software to program their cars and took pride in creating their designs all on their own and it was obvious that everyone, from organiser to competitor to the overly excited spectators thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We can’t wait for next year’s competition already!


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