12 year old member Joshua Ng is always tinkering and dismantling electrical appliances to understand their inner workings. This would lead him to create his own soldering iron from scratch! He not only succeeded but shared his newfound knowledge in a DIY soldering iron workshop with VIVITA members!

DIY Soldering Iron

What could have gone better?

After figuring out how to build a soldering iron from scratch using off the shelf materials, 12 year old Joshua Ng was so excited he conducted a workshop for our VIVITA members. He taught 10 members how to create their own soldering iron in the workshop. All 10 members succeeded! Yay!

Below is a reflection Joshua shared with us about his journey.

What did I learn?

I learnt that sometimes it can be difficult to explain concepts to people who are new to electronics. I expected them to have at least some experience with it but actually some of them had none at all so it was difficult.

What do you think went well?

I think that it was great they managed to build their own soldering iron, especially since they had no experience. Although i myself managed to make it a few times, the equipment I prepared was actually quite good. I briefly tested the equipment and was a little unsure, but everything worked out well.

What could have gone better?

I think I could have let people understand better how circuitry works, or at least the basic concept of how it works. I could have been more confident also, because I might be too soft spoken so they might not have heard me well. And also, with the registration forms. It should be kept to one form only, be it hard copy or online.

What will you work on to improve for next time?

Maybe I can better prepare what to say to expect different scenarios .What happens if they didn’t understand what I was trying to say? I will also work on the safety part as the members were all crowded quite close to me and at one part, the graphite broke and its quite dangerous so next time I will remind the participants again.

Anything else interesting you would like to share with us?

I will say that the participants who turned up were not the type of people I would expect to come for a workshop like this and I was surprised by that. Actually all of them managed to cope overall so that was quite nice to see.


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