10 year old member Celine Koh loves making everything from scratch. At home, she was limited to only cardboard. At VIVITA, with access to a myriad of materials and tools not found at home, Celine took the plunge to make her own skateboard and hoodie, fully from scratch!

DIY Skateboard and Hoodie

Of course for a 10 year old to figure out how to make a skateboard and hoodie from scratch was no easy feat. It took many weeks of hard work, learning how to use the tools, experimentation, failures and more failures before getting it right! Thankfully, she has the help of our expert mentors Abel and Sau Fen who guided her along the way. Most of the credit still goes to Celine for not giving up and persevering through it all!

Not only did she have to learn how to use the drill, she had to learn how to select the right wood, learn to use 3D modeling tools to measure and cut the wood correctly. Abel guided her on how to use 3D modeling software to create design files to be fed into the ShopBot CNC machine. Abel then operated the ShopBot CNC machine to cut wood panels into the exact measurements she needed for her skateboard. They also visited a skate shop together to learn about different types of board and wheel designs for different purposes.

Being the true maker she truly is, right after finishing her skateboard she wanted to make some skatewear! Crew member Sau Fen guided Celine through the process of selecting fabric, materials, learning how to operate a sewing machine and most importantly, how to make a hoodie that truly fits you well! (Hint: To be fair, Sau Fen helped her out in this aspect by creating a hoodie template that Celine could follow. This made things a lot more accessible and easier for Celine to get started!).


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