Planting seeds for a world where children everywhere get to live in wonder, confidence and joy.

Desiree Ng

Community and Partnership Bridge

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Desiree is as curious about the world as any child. Her enthusiasm for life allows her to create and see the world through the lens of wonder, often dreaming up and creating possibilities for children everywhere.


She has spent the past few years of her life working with children through education and youth work with youths at risk, and believes that children from all walks of life deserve to walk their journey with confidence and magic! She’s always looking to create and increase connections in the community to bridge the gap between access and opportunity for all children. At VIVITA, you will probably hear her before you see her. Other times, she is probably out and about in the sun, marching to a little hopeful beat with a book in her hand.


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