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Color & Culture Workshop Pt 2 – Observing how our surroundings can change the meaning of a colour

In our second session, the members physically drew on paper instead. Parents were asked to help print the handouts and prepare their “seeing tools” (a red circle and square) beforehand. Once again, they were asked to imagine what the shapes could be, besides a red circle and square, when placed in different scenarios. Holding the[...]
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Back to the Drawing Board – Creative Drawing Session between VIVISTOP Orchard and VIVISTOP Kashiwanoha

Most people generally have this impression that they can’t draw. But if anyone was in the call with us today, they wouldn’t have felt that at all, not one bit! The members from VIVISTOP Kashiwanoha and VIVISTOP Orchard who joined us today were super confident and so happy to show off their drawings. Although this[...]
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Fun First Week of VIVISTOP #Remote!

VIVISTOP Orchard has to temporarily “stop” opening our doors to contribute to social distancing measures. But we definitely are not stopping! We launched our VIVISTOP #Remote initiative last week to continue to our efforts in working with members to keep their creative juices flowing. With much more time at home now (and no exams!), it[...]
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