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Senior Software Engineer

This position is based in Singapore

Before COVID-19, most of our interactions with youths are at our creative spaces (aka makerspaces) in each country. When COVID-19 hit, we had to temporarily close our spaces and go fully remote. As a result, we found going remote has enabled us to reach and impact more youths beyond geographical limitations. youths started coming up with cross border ideas for their projects too! We are now looking for an experienced engineer to work with us on building the digital tools and platforms to further supercharge youths creativity globally! 🙂

How is VIVITA’s culture?

We believe in being flat with no hierarchy as much as possible. We value what each individual team member hopes to do and encourage team members to initiate their own projects, as long as it is along our mission of accelerating youths creativity!

What will the Senior Software Engineer be doing?

• Identifying the technology gap in both our physical creative space and our online initiatives
• Working with the team on project scoping, gathering requirements and conducting user testing with our members
• Be able to work independently or remotely with a team of engineers from VIVITA in other countries, or external third parties
• Lead a team of technical and non-technical members for different facets of the product being developed
• We are flexi hour! We trust you to be able to manage your own time productively and responsibly.

Skills Required

• Have product/project management experience
• Web Development Experience
• Be able to learn on the job! When it comes to tech stack, we are not picky! We believe if your core programming fundamentals are good, you will be able to pick up any new skills on the job! 🙂
• Optional Bonus: Have prior experience working on edtech projects or working on products for youths.
• Optional Bonus 2: Have mobile application development experience
• Optional Bonus 3: Have hardware development experience!

Ready for the Challenge?


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