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Shake Shake Butter!

Why is this adorable gingerbread man dancing on a kitchen counter? Is it because he just tasted some delicious homemade butter? Or is it because he’s made from some delicious homemade butter?? We asked VIVITA crew member, Gina, where did she find the video of the dancing gingerbread man accompanying this VIVITA@HOME recipe. We were[...]
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Fruity Ice Cubes

The weather has been really hot these days and this makes us all keep going to the fridge to drink lots of iced water! What other fun ways do you have to keep cool and refreshed? Zhiru shares with us this imaginative way of making ice cubes that look good, taste good and is good[...]
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Color & Culture Workshop Pt 2 – Observing how our surroundings can change the meaning of a colour

In our second session, the members physically drew on paper instead. Parents were asked to help print the handouts and prepare their “seeing tools” (a red circle and square) beforehand. Once again, they were asked to imagine what the shapes could be, besides a red circle and square, when placed in different scenarios. Holding the[...]
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