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Kaleidocycle Making Challenge!

Hello everyone! This is Hoi Leong @ VIVITA Singapore, the Environment Creator who also likes origami. The COVID-19 situation is going global. Here in Singapore, we need to keep ourselves and others safe from the virus, so many members are unable to come to VIVISTOP Orchard even though you would like to. To keep your[...]
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Why VIVITA in Singapore?

Hello! My name is Hoi Leong, and I’m the co-founder here in VIVITA Singapore. Nice to meet you! VIVISTOP Orchard, our creativity accelerator studio for kids and youths, has opened its doors on 16 July 2019. It is the 3rd location in the world after our studios in Japan (Kashiwanoha) and Estonia (Tallinn). We have[...]
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Making VIVISTOP Orchard

A few weeks into us opening VIVISTOP Orchard, and we are happy to see that we are starting to have some activities and children making things here! But are you curious about how we started, and how we reached where we are? Barely a few months ago, our space looked like this. There was nothing![...]
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