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At VIVITA, we believe children have good ideas and an innate curiosity that can be nurtured and developed in the right environment.

By removing the limits of a structured curriculum and letting children exercise their agency, we craft a space where children are free to experiment and explore different ideas.

We believe we are building a community of self-directed, creative learners who explore new skills without the fear of failure.

Our mission

Provide A Creative Learning Environment For Children

We provide open creativity studios equipped with a wide array of contemporary tools, materials and machinery to encourage exploration and experimentation.

VIVITA provides all children free access to our makerspace regardless of their background, where they have the autonomy to decide what projects they wish to pursue.

Develop 21st-Century Creative Tools and Platforms

We develop educational tools that blend the digital and physical worlds together to help kids learn about technology and become creators.

Our team of engineers, designers, and product experts develop a range of software and hardware products and methodologies to make innovating easier for both children and adults.

Build A Global Community Of Creative Children

We create opportunities for children to be inspired by the works of different start-ups, professionals and other industry mentors.

Through our varied global network of professionals, we believe children can be empowered to see themselves as change-makers and having the ability to create their future.

Meet the team!

Taizo Son

Founder, VIVITA Inc.

Hoi Leong LEE

Co-Founder & Environment Creator

Wendy NG

Co-founder & Gardener

Su Yuen CHIN

Co-Founder & Tech Tinkerer

Therese HENG

Community Catalyst & Creative Producer


Creator & Industrial Designer

Zhi Ru TAN

Designer & Explorer

Abel FAM

Creator & Industrial Designer

Clarissa KANG

Planner & Producer

Sau Fen CHEE

Craft Curator & Creative Muse

Jasmine QUEK

Designer & Maker

Vivien TAN

Industrial Designer & Facilities Manager

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