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We are a not-for-profit on a mission to empower every youth with


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At VIVITA, we believe children have good ideas and an innate curiosity that can be nurtured and developed in the right environment.

By removing the limits of a structured curriculum and letting children exercise their agency, we craft a space where children are free to experiment and explore different ideas.

We believe we are building a community of self-directed, creative learners who explore new skills without the fear of failure.

Picture of VIVITA Crew and members gathered together in celebration on D-Day.
Achieving Our Mission

How We Do It

Design Creative Learning Environments

Our Vivistop @ 10 Kampong Eunos

Vivistop is a makerspace for children to unleash their creativity. Here, children have the autonomy to decide what projects they wish to pursue. Vivita provides access to a wide array of contemporary tools, materials and machinery to encourage exploration and experimentation.


Vivistop also prides itself in being equipped and updated with relevant technology, creating a dynamic 21st century learning environment for all children.

Design tools and products that empower creation

We develop educational tools that blend the digital and physical worlds together to help kids learn about technology and become creators. Our modular furniture system VIVIPANEL and digital STEM/STEAM learning platform VIVIBOOM were all created by our in-house team!


Learn more about VIVIBOOM

Build A Global Community of Change-Makers

With VIVITA located in 7 countries worldwide, we create opportunities for children to be inspired by the works of different start-ups, professionals and other industry mentors. Through our varied global network of professionals, we believe children can be empowered to see themselves as change-makers and having the ability to create their future.

Youths Are Our Bosses

no limits projects & initiatives by our youths

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